Wednesday, October 14, 2020

12 Evidences to the 6000th year or the season of 

2027-2031 for the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ 

By Bill Weather
Described in much greater detail in the book Evidence Backed End Time Prophecy

1. Genesis 6:3  - 120 jubilee years given to man 120 x 50= 6000 years. A jubilee year is every 50th year (Lev 25:1-10). When God says 6000 years, he doesn't mean 6001 years or 5995 years. He means what he says, exactly!

2. Isayah 46:10 – “I’ve declared the end from the beginning and from long ago what is not yet done” (Isayah 46:10) Genesis ch 1 the beginning, declares the end, the 6000th year.  
A day is as a 1000 years (2 Pet 3:8, Ps 90:4). 6 days of creation equals 6000 years.

3. The Epistle of Barnabas (free online) chapter 15, states plainly, the end at the 6000th yr  
Note; not the "gospel of Barnabas", which is a forgery, but the "Epistle of Barnabas."

4. Irenaeus, early church leader, states plainly, Genesis chapter 1 is also a prophecy of the end at the 6000th year

5. Encyclopedia Britannica 11th edition, concerning the Talmud says there was a  wide spread 6000th year doctrine among the Jews and the early church.

6. King Solomon start of reign at the 3000 year mark from creation (971 BC) counting 3000 years to 2028 as the 6000th yr, foreshadowing the reign of Christ.

7. Jesus 1000 year reign (Rev 20:6), as the Sabbath, from the 6000th to the 7000th year. Why 1000 years long? Why not 500 years or 700 years long? It's obvious.

8. Numerous signs of 2028 at

9. Brother Alfred Ks 2028 dream of Jesus’s coming

10. Bible Chronology chart (1989) from Ernest L Martin’s research, 28AD as the year Jesus 1st came, at the 4000th year. Add 2000 yrs to 2028 as the 6000th year (Luke 10:35)

11. RH Vargo Book Tribulation, with several alternative 360 day year calculations, also coming to 2028

12. Jesus in Luke 13:32, his coming the 3rd millennial day

Due to slight historical discrepancies, look to 2027 to 2031 as his coming, with the peak times to watch for his coming in the years 2028 and 2031. Never did he say we couldn’t know the year or season. 

This chronology in a deeper research can be found here